Mr. Papaya

This is rather upsetting
Because you are the friendliest of fruits
Now do you,
Will you,
Ever forgive me?
I didn’t mean to hurt you
Harm you in any kind of way
The cops made me do it!
The cops made me slice and dice you
Oh Mr. Papaya
I cannot stand the torture
Of never ever seeing you again
Of never ever eating you again
Nothing can ever replace you
Nothing can ever taste like you
Nothing will be the same
And I’m the one to blame
To understand what happened at the diner
I acted in the name of cold blooded science
But I have tried
To save your life
Now cleaning up the mess
I cry
Because you left such a mess
All the while I’m thinking
I need to milk the cow
Make some custard
Eat a muffin
Mr. Papaya
Will you let me make a soup
Out of you?

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