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I finally understand
You never planned
For me to meet
Your loving parents
Your loyal friends
Because I never really fit
Within your long term plans
I was just a ink stain
That you tried to erase
But couldn’t
No matter how hard you try
So you ended up tearing out
That one page from your memories
Threw it away like gum
That had lost its use
Yet here I am
Still stuck underneath your shoes
Like an old memory
That cannot be removed


These memories of you and me
Are fading slowly and ever so effortlessly
I stopped trying a long time ago
But so have you, I suppose
Yet here I am, thinking about you
All so sudden, out of the blue
You know, I will be leaving soon
Further away from you and our memories
Would you call me crazy
Would you call me stupid
Would you call me, still?
At least we’ll have the memories
Or at least what’s left of them


When the night comes
We both fall back
To our own little habits
We can lay together
Sleep together
Eat together
Visit our friends together
Pretend our lives together
Till death do us part
I guess we’ll die together, too

So It Seems

You like to play games
And I like to be played
Or so it seems

Yet the heart wants, what the head disapproves
But what if it still wants you
Or so it seems

You’ll break my heart someday
And I still let you stay
Or so it seems

Then one day you’ll confess to me
You’ve lost your wicked ways for me
Or so it seems

Behind my back you’re still the same
So I’ll leave you with your games
Or so it seems

Secretly I’ll still love you
Move on to find someone new
Or so it seems

Leave Right Now

I think you’re becoming more
Way more than I thought you would
More than I would like to admit
Way more than you probably should
As I walk along the lake
With the sun in my face
Wind through my hair
Children playing in the grass
Dogs running wild and free
I keep wondering over and over
Why aren’t you here with me
To experience it all
But I know
This feeling won’t last
One day you will go
My heart will leave with it
Just take it all right now
So I won’t be in this too deep
When you leave
I won’t feel a thing

Man In Red

Do you remember
All those winter nights
Alone at the crowded bar
Behind the stairs
Stolen kisses
Where no one could see
You pretending
To fall in love with me
I still remember
Sweet little lies
You had come from afar
Just to taunt me
Haunt me in my dreams
Yet I still wish
You’d remember me

A Residu Of You

I don’t think of you no more
Not like I used to anyway
I was obsessed with anything
In the shape of you
Anything that reminded me of you
All gone now out that door
Together with the memories
Yet forever in my heart
Still lies a residu
In the form of you


A broken heart
A broken home
And a broken jaw
There’s a theme
She seems to be in
She never asked
For any of this
Yet she’s stuck
In this cycle
There’s always
A reason to stay
Even more reasons
To leave this place
But the heart wants
What the heart
Does not need
But he definitely
Needs her
So she decides
To give in
One last time
Like before
And the time
Before that
Until that broken jaw
Becomes a broken neck

Fool Me Once

This is the end
Of the road
The final page
Of a story
That was never meant
To be told
Nor written
In any shape
Or form
Yet here we are
Here I am
Fool me once
Shame on me
Fool me twice
I’m just asking for it
Aren’t I?
How can I
Ever fall for this
How can you
Leave me like this
Yet I am hopeful
Stupid and blind
At the very same time
Is it too late
To delete the last page
Can I still go
Take another road
But what would happen
If you’d fool me
Once again


I’m here in the city you love most
The city you call your home
You told me you’d take me here someday
That must have been a lifetime ago
But I’m sure you didn’t really care
Yet I think of you quite often
What would our lives be now
If we had taken the chance back then
Would we stay friends
Would we become lovers
Would we be judged by others
Guess we will never know
But I’m happy we get to share these tender moments
They will stay with me forever
Still I hope to see you someday
Maybe in our next life
Our timing will be right this time