A broken heart
A broken home
And a broken jaw
There’s a theme
She seems to be in
She never asked
For any of this
Yet she’s stuck
In this cycle
There’s always
A reason to stay
Even more reasons
To leave this place
But the heart wants
What the heart
Does not need
But he definitely
Needs her
So she decides
To give in
One last time
Like before
And the time
Before that
Until that broken jaw
Becomes a broken neck


Break Me

I know you’ll break me

Into thousand little pieces


Like the god of war

But please do it ever so slowly

Just so I can be with you

Every second of the way

The longer the suffer

The longer we can be together

Maybe i’m crazy

Maybe i’m blind

Just sell me your lies

I will eat them

Off of your hands

Whisper softly to me

You’re only using me

Do it again and again

I’m all yours to have

But you’ll never be mine

Canvas of War (Part One)

You left home to start a family
At the fragile age of nine
They sold your body, your soul
Yet did your best to survive

War was in the background
While famine and poverty were its soundtrack
As time went by
You understood why you were left behind in order for you to survive

You never really like to talk about it
But the wrinkles on your face tell the tale
Of hardship, loss and sadness
Not to mention your beloved country’s betrayal