Break Me

I know you’ll break me

Into thousand little pieces


Like the god of war

But please do it ever so slowly

Just so I can be with you

Every second of the way

The longer the suffer

The longer we can be together

Maybe i’m crazy

Maybe i’m blind

Just sell me your lies

I will eat them

Off of your hands

Whisper softly to me

You’re only using me

Do it again and again

I’m all yours to have

But you’ll never be mine


Mary Had A Little Lamb (Revisited)

Mary had a little lamb
Or at least
That’s the word on the street
It would’ve been sweet
If it hadn’t been for you
Kids her age would laugh at her
They would make fun of her
Because she wasn’t like them
But no one really knew her
No one really cared
No one had a chance either
How could they
She suddenly disappeared
Now kids laugh no more
Word on the street
Mary had a little lamb
Buried together
Six feet under the playground sand

The Party’s Over

It’s really really over
Not just the party
But the fire between us
Where is the love
Where is the alcohol
Let’s drink to us
And to all the tears
Our biggest fear
Coming to life
Time to grow up
Grow out of us
You and I
We were good
But people change
I know you did
Right in front of me
It wasn’t your fault
I guess it never really is
So let’s blame it on me
Make it easier for you
No need to fight
Or drag other people into this
Let’s go home and say goodbye
Words don’t hurt me
But you seem to
What have I done this time
But that’s alright
Cause it will be the last time
You will treat me this way

Call Me One Last Time

Call me at midnight
While she’s asleep
I’ll wait for you here
I know you want to
I know it’s wrong
But why oh why
Does it feel so right
We keep telling ourselves
It’d be the last time
What the fuck is it
With you and me
We keep coming back
To this conclusion
Yet we fool ourselves
Into thinking it’s okay
To torture the both of us
Maybe we’re too weak
Too much in denial
Too old to let go
Of this feeling
We thought
We’d never have again
Whatever it is
Just call me one last time
Tell me everything we both
Would like to hear
Just one last time

You Would Never Know

You would never know
What I was really thinking
What I was actually feeling
When you told me
You wanted me too
What went on in my head
When all was said and done
You would never know
Gone are the days
Gone are the ways
We both were trying to find
To see each other through lies
All those stolen moments
Those instant passionate moments
We still don’t know what they were
What they actually meant
But I couldn’t stop wanting to be
With you and my guilty mind
The dark alleys of the old city
Where no one decent would come
We would always end up there
I guess that just shows
How you really thought of me

What The Hell Am I Doing Here

Nights like these make me think
What the hell am I really doing
To myself, to my broken heart
I should probably go fix it first
But I just don’t know where to start
Yet I do things I shouldn’t be
Things I should be ashamed of
Yet I do it over and over again
Just so I can numb the pain
That has clearly been a part of me
Since the day I have lost my way
What I wouldn’t do to find you again
But what if I did find you
Things won’t ever be the same
So what am I still doing here

Is This How It’s Going To Be?

Is this how it’s going to be
We pass each other by
No words are spoken
No glances are exchanged
We pretend so hard
Is this how it’s going to be
Nothing happened
Nothing ever will
I’ll go play along with this game
Just so you can live your life
Move on and be happy
So is this how it’s going to be
From now on it will
I’ll be the best fucking actress
You have ever seen