Call Me One Last Time (revisited)

Call me at midnight, while she’s still asleep
I will wait for you here, like I always do
Like a good girl would
Don’t fool yourself, I know you want to
We both know this is wrong, but why does this feel so right
We keep telling ourselves that this will be the very last time
So what the fuck is it with you and me, as we keep coming back to this conclusion
Yet we fool ourselves into thinking this is actually okay to torture the both of us like that
Maybe we’re too weak, too much in denial, or maybe we’re just too sentimental to let go of this feeling we thought we would never have again
Whatever it is, just call me one last time
End this love affair one more time

Call Me

Call me sometime
To catch up
Like old friends
We never were
We can talk
About our lives
Like old lovers
We dared not to be
We can have drinks
Let you pay for them
Like we used to
But somehow I ended up
Paying the price
We can laugh and make jokes
Like we’re young again
But we both are not
You can compliment me
On how beautiful I look tonight
But you will always
Have eyes for her
You can casually touch my hand
Like you’re dying to come home
With me into my bed
But we both know
Someone else is in yours
Yet I still yearn for you
To call me

Without You

What you’re doing to me
It ain’t fair for any one of us
But I do long for your love
From the moment you looked at me
How I long for your touch
How badly do you wanna be with me
Please don’t say it
Because I know
What the truth will be
So I will go
Take whatever pride I still have
With me
But without you
What should I do


I’m scared of forgetting
Too scared of remembering
All of you and me
All that we could be
If I close my eyes
Will you appear in front of me
Or will you slowly fade away
Out of sight
Out of mind
Even dreams
Won’t take me to you
So I guess time heals all wounds
You were a cancer
I had to get rid of
But I still need a band-aid
In the form of you


It was dark
The loud music
It was on
On and on and on
They go
We stay
Till we couldn’t
We talk
Like old friends
Old we are
But you
Are no friend
Not of mine
Yet we enjoy
The everlasting moment
Of this sweet memory
That would live
Forever and longer
In our hearts
But hearts
They get broken
While memories
They fade away
Better leave
Or never
But no
I want to stay
Forever and ever
Right here
Right now
With you

Let’s Sit Down

Let’s sit down and soak up life
The life we both could have built together
Just you and me, forever
I promise I’ll be yours if you promise to be mine

Let’s sit down and have a drink or two
I don’t know about you, but I need it
My nerves are killing me, I admit
So tell me in all honesty, how are you?

Let’s have a seat and have a chat
I’ll try to be serious this time
Even though i’m dying inside
But please, pretty please, don’t be mad

Let’s sit down, let me do the talking
There is something I need to say
I’ve been holding it in for days
Let me say it now before you start walking away…

A Scene in the Bedroom

Barely awake you tell me
That I should let go
That’s it time
Time for us to move on
That this has all been a mistake
That I should forget about it
You’re so funny when you’re hungover
Yet you are so serious
Did you lie awake all night
Did you practise this in your head
Over and over and over
How did I react in all your scenarios
Did I cause a scene
Did I cry and try to hold on to you
Did I even give a shit
Or did I leave without saying a word
Did you feel relieved
Did you feel free at last
So I get up and get myself dressed
With a bitter taste in my mouth
I am speechless and feel disrespected
Who the hell are you to kick me out
Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do
Who the fuck are you really
Why should I even care