Would you forgive me
If I told you
I couldn’t resist
The temptation
The love that people were offering
All around me
While you were gone
Giving me space
Maybe we both misunderstood
What we needed
What we wanted
What we yearned for
But never once dared to express
Now I’m sitting here
All alone
Just wondering
What I had done wrong
If you were ever right
Maybe we both were
In our minds
Just too scared to admit
To scarred to give in
Say what’s really in our hearts
But now I have ruined it
For the both of us
I won’t even ask you to forgive
Simply because I won’t forget
Can I let go now
Will you move on
I guess I already did


Call Me One Last Time (revisited)

Call me at midnight, while she’s still asleep
I will wait for you here, like I always do
Like a good girl would
Don’t fool yourself, I know you want to
We both know this is wrong, but why does this feel so right
We keep telling ourselves that this will be the very last time
So what the fuck is it with you and me, as we keep coming back to this conclusion
Yet we fool ourselves into thinking this is actually okay to torture the both of us like that
Maybe we’re too weak, too much in denial, or maybe we’re just too sentimental to let go of this feeling we thought we would never have again
Whatever it is, just call me one last time
End this love affair one more time

You Would Never Know

You would never know
What I was really thinking
What I was actually feeling
When you told me
You wanted me too
What went on in my head
When all was said and done
You would never know
Gone are the days
Gone are the ways
We both were trying to find
To see each other through lies
All those stolen moments
Those instant passionate moments
We still don’t know what they were
What they actually meant
But I couldn’t stop wanting to be
With you and my guilty mind
The dark alleys of the old city
Where no one decent would come
We would always end up there
I guess that just shows
How you really thought of me


It was dark
The loud music
It was on
On and on and on
They go
We stay
Till we couldn’t
We talk
Like old friends
Old we are
But you
Are no friend
Not of mine
Yet we enjoy
The everlasting moment
Of this sweet memory
That would live
Forever and longer
In our hearts
But hearts
They get broken
While memories
They fade away
Better leave
Or never
But no
I want to stay
Forever and ever
Right here
Right now
With you