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These memories of you and me
Are fading slowly and ever so effortlessly
I stopped trying a long time ago
But so have you, I suppose
Yet here I am, thinking about you
All so sudden, out of the blue
You know, I will be leaving soon
Further away from you and our memories
Would you call me crazy
Would you call me stupid
Would you call me, still?
At least we’ll have the memories
Or at least what’s left of them

You Said

You said we would never get married
You were right, because I never asked
You said you wanted something real
But you’re still hiding behind your little mask
You said you didn’t want us to end
Yet here we are again my old friend
One year has passed and we are still the same
You’re still in search of your dying fame
While i’m still in search of another you


Break me
Into thousand pieces
They’ll say
I told you so
Love me
You never knew how to
Save me
From myself
You used to be
So able
Now look at me
So broken
Cheated on
Written off
Where are you now
Not with me
I hope she can save you
From yourself


You tell me
You can handle me
That you’re serious
Yet funny and ambitious
You make me believe
You could love me
If only you knew
What love is truly
You say to me
You think of me
But also miss her
Who are you fooling really
I’ll pretend it is me
To make things easier for you
Maybe this way
I won’t have to fight
For something I cannot win

Man In Red

Do you remember
All those winter nights
Alone at the crowded bar
Behind the stairs
Stolen kisses
Where no one could see
You pretending
To fall in love with me
I still remember
Sweet little lies
You had come from afar
Just to taunt me
Haunt me in my dreams
Yet I still wish
You’d remember me


I’m here in the city you love most
The city you call your home
You told me you’d take me here someday
That must have been a lifetime ago
But I’m sure you didn’t really care
Yet I think of you quite often
What would our lives be now
If we had taken the chance back then
Would we stay friends
Would we become lovers
Would we be judged by others
Guess we will never know
But I’m happy we get to share these tender moments
They will stay with me forever
Still I hope to see you someday
Maybe in our next life
Our timing will be right this time

Call Me One Last Time (revisited)

Call me at midnight, while she’s still asleep
I will wait for you here, like I always do
Like a good girl would
Don’t fool yourself, I know you want to
We both know this is wrong, but why does this feel so right
We keep telling ourselves that this will be the very last time
So what the fuck is it with you and me, as we keep coming back to this conclusion
Yet we fool ourselves into thinking this is actually okay to torture the both of us like that
Maybe we’re too weak, too much in denial, or maybe we’re just too sentimental to let go of this feeling we thought we would never have again
Whatever it is, just call me one last time
End this love affair one more time

People Say

People say
Home is
Where the heart is
But my heart
It is broken
My home
It is no more
The windows
Are shattered
The door
You left it
Arms wide open
While my eyes
Were shut
Like my mouth
Cause some words
Are better left
Yet I left
Never told him
Never saw him
Never needed to
Out of sight
Out of mind
That’s exactly what
People say

Why Do I Still Care

I held you in my hands
Touched your pretty face
Tried to kiss your wrinkles away
Tried to tell you I’m here to stay
But I guess you had other plans
Did I make you forget
Did I make you regret
All the mistakes you made
By simply being there
Was it ever love
Did we want it to be
I see you’re here
I should better leave
Yet I somehow decide to stay
Why do I still care

Bottle Of Wine

The empty streets
My broken heart
In the middle of the night
A big bottle of cheap wine
What the fuck have I done
Why are you still here
Inside my head
Under my skin
The night is still young
But I’m tired of waiting
And you’re tired of me
So let’s all go home now
Anothor bottle of wine