The pillow still smells of you

But you’re long gone by now

I probably shouldn’t care

But why can’t I sleep at night


Why Do I Still Care

I held you in my hands
Touched your pretty face
Tried to kiss your wrinkles away
Tried to tell you I’m here to stay
But I guess you had other plans
Did I make you forget
Did I make you regret
All the mistakes you made
By simply being there
Was it ever love
Did we want it to be
I see you’re here
I should better leave
Yet I somehow decide to stay
Why do I still care

Choose Me

You and me
Full of regrets
So much pain
So many secrets
Should we give in
Should you give up
Should I come clean
Is this love
Or just an obsession
Something we want
Only cause we can’t have it
Our dirty little secret
Maybe ain’t so dirty really
We just complicate things
I’m only a woman afterall
But what if I showed up
At your doorstep right now
Would you let me in
Or walk me out
Straight out of your life
Will you break my heart again
Or will you hold my hand
Kiss me and finally tell me
What you’re really thinking
What you really really want
Will you finally pick me
Hold me, adore me, need me…
Choose me

It’s Never Her Fault

It’s not her fault she married young
She was naive and no one really cared

It’s not her fault she showed no love
People always used it against her

It’s not her fault she never cried
Emotions will only show weakness

It’s not her fault she betrayed you
She doesn’t know right from wrong

It’s not her fault she didn’t get to feel
Feelings only clouded her judgement

It’s not her fault she blamed everyone
She was always taken advantage of

It’s not her fault she wanted to leave
Something deep inside her told her to

It’s not her fault she hurt you deeply
She never was taught how to love

It’s never her fault

Canvas of War (Part One)

You left home to start a family
At the fragile age of nine
They sold your body, your soul
Yet did your best to survive

War was in the background
While famine and poverty were its soundtrack
As time went by
You understood why you were left behind in order for you to survive

You never really like to talk about it
But the wrinkles on your face tell the tale
Of hardship, loss and sadness
Not to mention your beloved country’s betrayal