Mary Had A Little Lamb (Revisited)

Mary had a little lamb
Or at least
That’s the word on the street
It would’ve been sweet
If it hadn’t been for you
Kids her age would laugh at her
They would make fun of her
Because she wasn’t like them
But no one really knew her
No one really cared
No one had a chance either
How could they
She suddenly disappeared
Now kids laugh no more
Word on the street
Mary had a little lamb
Buried together
Six feet under the playground sand


Choose Me

You and me
Full of regrets
So much pain
So many secrets
Should we give in
Should you give up
Should I come clean
Is this love
Or just an obsession
Something we want
Only cause we can’t have it
Our dirty little secret
Maybe ain’t so dirty really
We just complicate things
I’m only a woman afterall
But what if I showed up
At your doorstep right now
Would you let me in
Or walk me out
Straight out of your life
Will you break my heart again
Or will you hold my hand
Kiss me and finally tell me
What you’re really thinking
What you really really want
Will you finally pick me
Hold me, adore me, need me…
Choose me

What The Hell Am I Doing Here

Nights like these make me think
What the hell am I really doing
To myself, to my broken heart
I should probably go fix it first
But I just don’t know where to start
Yet I do things I shouldn’t be
Things I should be ashamed of
Yet I do it over and over again
Just so I can numb the pain
That has clearly been a part of me
Since the day I have lost my way
What I wouldn’t do to find you again
But what if I did find you
Things won’t ever be the same
So what am I still doing here

Should I…

Do you sometimes think of me
Or only when you need something
Someone to satisfy your needs
I often wish it wasn’t me
That you picked out of the crowd
After I shamelessly offered myself
To you, to us
For lust
But never for love
I think I wanted to cross that line with you
For me, myself
For love
And never for lust
But I was never good enough
You wanted more
Different women
Different days
Every fucking day
Should I stay
Or should I go…

Without You

You’re gone now
It took you a while
You never said goodbye
But that’s alright
No need to linger on
Find ways to see
How i’m doing
How you’re doing
It’s okay to walk away
So quietely
I almost forgot
What it was like
To have you around
But hey
People come and go
And you’re long gone
Who knew
I could actually live
Without you


I’m tired of this
For this has gone on
For far too long
You and me
I’m lost for words
I never should have stayed
Never should have made this mistake
Over and over again
What’s there left to say anyway
I can’t speak
I refuse to speak
Not of this ever again
But you’re still here
And I am too
And so is he
At the back of my mind
But that’s okay
Cause nobody knows
But perhaps I should go
Before we both get into trouble

I Wonder

I wonder
In a year or two
Would you still remember
The time that we spent together
I wonder
If I left the country
Start a new life over there
Just to be anywhere but here
I wonder
Would you miss me
Would you pack your bags
Come find me and never let me go
I wonder
If you think of me
If I ever crossed your mind
Do you sometimes think ‘what if’…