What’s Love Got To Do With Us

I need you, I need you not

I miss you, I miss you not

I need things uncomplicated

But why are we making these strings of attachments

He loves me, he loves me not

I want him, I want him not

But what is there to want

If he doesn’t want you back

What is there to love

If you don’t know what love is

If he doesn’t love me

But what does love got to do with us

If all you want is my body

If all I want is your touch

But what is there to want

If we both want different things

What’s love got to do with us


Break Me

I know you’ll break me

Into thousand little pieces


Like the god of war

But please do it ever so slowly

Just so I can be with you

Every second of the way

The longer the suffer

The longer we can be together

Maybe i’m crazy

Maybe i’m blind

Just sell me your lies

I will eat them

Off of your hands

Whisper softly to me

You’re only using me

Do it again and again

I’m all yours to have

But you’ll never be mine

The Party’s Over

It’s really really over
Not just the party
But the fire between us
Where is the love
Where is the alcohol
Let’s drink to us
And to all the tears
Our biggest fear
Coming to life
Time to grow up
Grow out of us
You and I
We were good
But people change
I know you did
Right in front of me
It wasn’t your fault
I guess it never really is
So let’s blame it on me
Make it easier for you
No need to fight
Or drag other people into this
Let’s go home and say goodbye
Words don’t hurt me
But you seem to
What have I done this time
But that’s alright
Cause it will be the last time
You will treat me this way

I Still Look For You

I still look for you
In the crowd
Under the pale blue sky
In the flowers
I will never get
Cause you never bought them
But flowers they wither
I still search for you
In the empty streets
Under the street lights
On the bench
We used to sit
But now we can’t even
Stand each other
I still look for you
In the books, the poetry
We used to read
To each other
But every story
Has its ending
I still search for you
Everywhere I go
Places we used to go to
But not anymore
Cause you went away
In search of someone new

Don’t Give Up

You were gone
I was lonely
What I did
Was fucking stupid
But that’s no excuse
I was missing you
Will you forgive me
Will you miss me
When I’m gone
Do I disgust you
Do I make you mad
Do I even know you
Is it me making excuses again
Could you please hold my hand
I forgot what it was like
Will you spend the night
Pretend everything is fine
Can I kiss your lips
Make love to you one last time
I promise I’ll behave
I’ll be good this time
Just don’t give up on me