Here and Now

I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I can only dream
Of you and me
What have you done to me
What will I do to you
What can we really do
But to live
In our own fantasy
Where you and me
Can be
Young wild and free
But what about
The here and now


Another Draft

It’s getting late right now
Probably should be sleeping
But instead i’m writing
Words of life, of love, of destiny
It never ends, it seems
I make so many drafts
Yet I never publish them
Not because I can’t
But because I shouldn’t
I wonder if anyone knows
The secrets I have been keeping
That i’ve been barely sleeping
That i’ve been secretly praying
For someone to wake me up
From this dream
Is it an illusion
Is it real
Is it wishful thinking
Or a nightmare
When will I know
Do I want to
Or is the torture
Something I need
Better than reality