Mary Had A Little Lamb (Revisited)

Mary had a little lamb
Or at least
That’s the word on the street
It would’ve been sweet
If it hadn’t been for you
Kids her age would laugh at her
They would make fun of her
Because she wasn’t like them
But no one really knew her
No one really cared
No one had a chance either
How could they
She suddenly disappeared
Now kids laugh no more
Word on the street
Mary had a little lamb
Buried together
Six feet under the playground sand


Old Habits Die Hard (Part Two)

Here I am, still
On and off
Back and forth
Round and round
Should probably make a sound
But I can’t
Not in this bed I made
The bed they made for me
So will you hold my hand
Tell me i’ll be fine
Tell me it’s time
That I should go
That this should end
But old habits die hard
… and they die eventually

Old Habits Die Hard (Revisited)

“I’ll be dying soon”
You told me with your tired eyes
“…And you’re gonna be just fine”
You assured me with your trembling voice
And I just don’t know what to do
If I knew, you wouldn’t be here
Chained to this hospital bed
It’s sad that no one comes to see you
Not even me, I admit
At least not anymore
Cause you’ve been sick for so long
It’s becoming a habit now
And we all know old habits die hard
But they die, eventually
We’ve been waiting and waiting
I can only imagine
What you’re going through
But I don’t want to
I guess I’m selfish that way
Thinking as long as it’s not me
But one day
Tables might turn
It might be me chained to this bed
Day in, day out
Year in, year out
It’s going to become a habit
And you know what they say
About old habits dying hard
They die… eventually
Just like you did


Old man sitting at the window
Of his old two bedroom home
He’s waiting for his wife
But he forgot she died
Five long years ago
But he just doesn’t know
He just can’t remember much
Now all that remains is his love
An empty bed
And a tumor in his head
He just stares outside every day
Wasting his life away
But maybe someday soon
His beloved June
Will return home again
Holding hands
In heaven they’ll roam
Happily ever after
She’s finally home

Hush, Little Baby

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word
You’re still the prettiest in the world
I know it’s too late to buy you a mockingbird

But hush now baby don’t you cry
Mama’s gonna give you wings and let you fly
Right up there, high in the clear blue sky

If you’re afraid to fly so high and fall right back down
I’ll catch you with my loving arms, but you should go now
Before relieve gets replaced by severe doubts

So hush, little baby, don’t say a word
Maybe grandpa will give you that mockingbird
After all he’s been waiting for you, my sweet little girl

Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet child of mine
I’ve run out of lullabies
So I guess it’s time to say goodbye

It’s now or never
But never seems like forever
And I can’t seem to choose what’s better

Life and death
Here in this bed
Nothing’s been said

As a mother I chose what’s best
Cause death doesn’t seem so bad
Why can’t he understand that

Cause forever would only last one more month
I don’t understand why he’d let him suffer that way
Our poor little son


Dear little boy
Only five years old
He died alone
While his mother should’ve died
Now the world cries
He did something bad
To annoy his bitter mom
His stepfather agreed
He should be an example to the rest
So he got punished
Now he cries and cries
Till there was nothing left to cry
He called his grandmother
But she didn’t even bother
His brother wanted to help
But in that household
It’s every kid for himself
So he shivered
He cried
He was scared
He was cold
He was hungry
But most of all
He was thirsty
For love
For compassion
For the police to come
For a safe home
For his siblings to live in
But most of all
He was simply just thirsty
So he lied down to close his eyes for a minute
To catch a break from his cruel life
Only to close his eyes forever
Now the world finally knows
But it’s too damn late
So let him be that example
Keep your children safe!