Would you forgive me
If I told you
I couldn’t resist
The temptation
The love that people were offering
All around me
While you were gone
Giving me space
Maybe we both misunderstood
What we needed
What we wanted
What we yearned for
But never once dared to express
Now I’m sitting here
All alone
Just wondering
What I had done wrong
If you were ever right
Maybe we both were
In our minds
Just too scared to admit
To scarred to give in
Say what’s really in our hearts
But now I have ruined it
For the both of us
I won’t even ask you to forgive
Simply because I won’t forget
Can I let go now
Will you move on
I guess I already did


Break Me

I know you’ll break me

Into thousand little pieces


Like the god of war

But please do it ever so slowly

Just so I can be with you

Every second of the way

The longer the suffer

The longer we can be together

Maybe i’m crazy

Maybe i’m blind

Just sell me your lies

I will eat them

Off of your hands

Whisper softly to me

You’re only using me

Do it again and again

I’m all yours to have

But you’ll never be mine

People Say

People say
Home is
Where the heart is
But my heart
It is broken
My home
It is no more
The windows
Are shattered
The door
You left it
Arms wide open
While my eyes
Were shut
Like my mouth
Cause some words
Are better left
Yet I left
Never told him
Never saw him
Never needed to
Out of sight
Out of mind
That’s exactly what
People say

If She Knew

Gone are the days
Those stolen moments
In the bathroom
At the back of the dance floor
In the dark alleys
Of the old city centre
Where no one decent would see
All the dirty tricks
Those convincing lies
Gone are the days
Those stolen moments
At the bar
Right outside the club
Cold winter nights
You held my hands
While your friends looked away
You wanted me to kiss you
And so I did
Without regrets
But what was I thinking though
What were you thinking
What would she say
If she knew
That for a moment
Plenty of moments
She had lost you

Old Friend Revisited

I’m packing up my bags, I need to leave this godforsaken town
It reminds me of the memories when you were still around
Painful reruns of you and me when we were still happy
When we thought we could rule the world, just you and me

But where the hell were you when I needed you the most
Just a shadow of your ill-mannered ghost
The worst part of it was that through it all
I kept forgiving, forgetting and lying to myself about it all

I was at my weakest back then, didn’t you know
I was fragile and naive, and I just couldn’t let you go
But I knew I had to end things with you
Afterall, you ended things with me years ago

A Tale of Lost Friendships

You thought you could change me
Tame me, just a little maybe
You thought you could be the one for me
But that’s what he thought too, so convincingly

Yes, I held your hands in mine
Told you sweet little lies
Even kissed your lips, looked you lovingly in the eyes
All lies, lies, lies, messed up lies…

Lies I told myself a hundred times
Convinced myself we could share a life
But it somehow didn’t feel allright
Now you hate me and I tell myself it’s fine

I said I was sorry, while you felt sorry for me
Now I can’t look you in the eyes normally
Without feeling judged, without feeling ever so guilty
But in all honesty, I feel nothing inside of me

I’ve lost you and everyone seems to pick your side
They seem to love you even more, why
I guess these friends were never mine
So this is goodbye, for good this time

Let the Fuck Go

I admit, last two weeks I’ve been through hell
Going through every single scenario that I could think of
But I just couldn’t help myself
Enough is just never enough

I’m glad you made the first move and reached out to me
But honestly what good did it do me?
You poured your heart out, but I couldn’t
I shouldn’t.. I finally didn’t

You want me to be happy
I said we should just forget about it
Cause you’ll never be with me
So, here’s another piece of my heart wasted