People Say

People say
Home is
Where the heart is
But my heart
It is broken
My home
It is no more
The windows
Are shattered
The door
You left it
Arms wide open
While my eyes
Were shut
Like my mouth
Cause some words
Are better left
Yet I left
Never told him
Never saw him
Never needed to
Out of sight
Out of mind
That’s exactly what
People say

All I Want

I thought of you this morning
And it saddened me to realize
You’re not here by my side
Side by side how we used to be
I see now, I know it’s entirely me
Or you, but who really cares
Because you’re still not here
You’re there, on the other side
I guess this town ain’t so small, afterall
After all, I can’t see you when I want
And all I want is you


Tell me baby
Am I the missing piece
Of the puzzle you call life
Or don’t you need me
Me and my troubled mind
Could you hold me
One more time
One second longer
Brush my hair with your hand
Confess to me you’re my friend
My lover, my all
Maybe I don’t fit into your mold
I watch slowly our story unfold
You turn your head
I look away
What’s going on I say
Who knows
You’re already out the door

Family Dinners

Every Sunday
Family dinners
At the table
You’d hide behind
The small talks
The table decorations
Your fake smiles
Talks about you
Your education
What kind of future you’d have
Assuming you’d have one
You’d better run
Every Sunday
Nobody will say
But you’ve said it
Now they hate
Your big mouth
Your fat ass
For such a little girl
Go on a diet
They say
Go find a man
They say
Go put on a dress
They say
Be more of a lady
They say
Leave me the fuck alone
You want to say
But family is family
So you eat your dinner
Then walk away
See you again
Next Sunday