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What Is Love

Love never dies or gets forgotten
If it does, then it wasn’t really love
But then why does it hurt so much
Maybe I just love the pain and suffering
So I know I’m alive deep inside
Aware of what love can be
Everything so opposite of me


With the taste of tequila shots
Still lingering in the back of our throats
You were worried
Your friends might see us
But that didn’t stop you
From kissing me
We were tucked away behind the stage
Behind that mediocre DJ of the night
What a romantic place you picked out
To confess your love to me
While you still had your wedding band
Yet I kissed you back
Gave you my all
I was fragile but I didn’t know it back then
You used me but I let it happen
The truth is
I would relive it again

November Thoughts

It was November
Yes, I still remember
We were at that bar
Where no one sober
Likes to go to
But always seems to
End up there anyway
With the taste of tequila shots
Still lingering around
In the back of our throats
We fell in love for a brief moment
What felt like a lifetime

Under the Sheets

Can we lay here in your bed
For a little while longer
I think it may be the last time
We will be like this together
I know what has been on your mind
Each time you look into my eyes
You could never say those words
So maybe I should say them now
But without actually saying them
I am hoping these actions
Will speak for themselves

Dirty Little Toy

I wonder who you’ll be fucking tonight
While your lover’s gone for the night
Who will fall for your beautiful lies now
As I did for a long long while
How could I be so wrong about you
How could you be so good to me
Then throw me aside
Like an old piece of dirty toy
But boy, oh what a boy
What an adventure it was
For the both of us
Yet I misunderstood love with lust
Lust with desire
Desire with attention
Attention with curiosity
The thought of you and me
I shall erase it
Never speak of this again
Unless you want me to

Leave Right Now

Do you mind
If I lingered here
For a little while longer
I’d like to memorize
The smell of your cologne
The lines on your face
The freckles on your nose
I used to count them
One by one by one
Till you would fall asleep
Now you can’t wait
For me to leave


I finally understand
You never planned
For me to meet
Your loving parents
Your loyal friends
Because I never really fit
Within your long term plans
I was just a ink stain
That you tried to erase
But couldn’t
No matter how hard you try
So you ended up tearing out
That one page from your memories
Threw it away like gum
That had lost its use
Yet here I am
Still stuck underneath your shoes
Like an old memory
That cannot be removed


These memories of you and me
Are fading slowly and ever so effortlessly
I stopped trying a long time ago
But so have you, I suppose
Yet here I am, thinking about you
All so sudden, out of the blue
You know, I will be leaving soon
Further away from you and our memories
Would you call me crazy
Would you call me stupid
Would you call me, still?
At least we’ll have the memories
Or at least what’s left of them


When the night comes
We both fall back
To our own little habits
We can lay together
Sleep together
Eat together
Visit our friends together
Pretend our lives together
Till death do us part
I guess we’ll die together, too


One week has passed
I never wrote you back
But you could’ve checked up on me

Two weeks have gone by
You never reminded me
That you were still missing me

Three weeks later
I guess we both have busy lives
Busy ignoring each other

Now it’s been a month
All that’s not been said and done
It’s good to stay out of touch

One year from now
Would I still think of you somehow
Or will I have moved on to another