Should I…

Do you sometimes think of me
Or only when you need something
Someone to satisfy your needs
I often wish it wasn’t me
That you picked out of the crowd
After I shamelessly offered myself
To you, to us
For lust
But never for love
I think I wanted to cross that line with you
For me, myself
For love
And never for lust
But I was never good enough
You wanted more
Different women
Different days
Every fucking day
Should I stay
Or should I go…


2 thoughts on “Should I…

  1. Out of interest, how would you say this relates to philosophy? Although it may seem antagonistic, I really mean it. Though don’t feel the need if it is too personal!

    • I think that love itself is a philosophy.. What is love.. And what the hell am I doing? Love is a way to feel alive.. We feel, we overthink.. Should I surrender myself, or should I not.. Should I walk away and start over.. What makes me love a person?

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

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