A Scene in the Bedroom

Barely awake you tell me
That I should let go
That’s it time
Time for us to move on
That this has all been a mistake
That I should forget about it
You’re so funny when you’re hungover
Yet you are so serious
Did you lie awake all night
Did you practise this in your head
Over and over and over
How did I react in all your scenarios
Did I cause a scene
Did I cry and try to hold on to you
Did I even give a shit
Or did I leave without saying a word
Did you feel relieved
Did you feel free at last
So I get up and get myself dressed
With a bitter taste in my mouth
I am speechless and feel disrespected
Who the hell are you to kick me out
Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do
Who the fuck are you really
Why should I even care


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