It Must’ve Been Love

You and me
Both barely 21
Forever young
I had my fun
You had yours
You said you loved me
I was speechless
Not because I was moved
But because I didn’t know
The meaning of love
The meaning of us
And somehow
Could be the one
For you
For me
We were never meant to be
I knew it from the get-go
But you started to love me
A long long time ago
And I got carried away
Thought I loved you back
But that
Was never my intention
I fooled myself
Thinking this would be forever
But forever is never long enough
Than it should be
Than it supposed to be
I thought I loved you deeply
But I knew it wasn’t so
Then when I finally came around
Let my guard down
Believing this might be it for me
I should probably just give up
Give you all my heart
I mean, who could love me better
Than you
But you had to fall in love
With someone else
With my heart so broken
Filled with sadness
Guilt and disgust
I knew
I must have loved you after all


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