A Tale of Lost Friendships

You thought you could change me
Tame me, just a little maybe
You thought you could be the one for me
But that’s what he thought too, so convincingly

Yes, I held your hands in mine
Told you sweet little lies
Even kissed your lips, looked you lovingly in the eyes
All lies, lies, lies, messed up lies…

Lies I told myself a hundred times
Convinced myself we could share a life
But it somehow didn’t feel allright
Now you hate me and I tell myself it’s fine

I said I was sorry, while you felt sorry for me
Now I can’t look you in the eyes normally
Without feeling judged, without feeling ever so guilty
But in all honesty, I feel nothing inside of me

I’ve lost you and everyone seems to pick your side
They seem to love you even more, why
I guess these friends were never mine
So this is goodbye, for good this time


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