No More Friends

We were away from home
We had the time of our lives
Never ever did we feel alone
Nor felt like we’d ever say goodbye

We’ve known each other for so long
But never really got to know each other
Yet we managed to stay up til dawn
Talk about life, ambitions and ex-lovers

All good things come to an end, they say
As we all went back home, back to reality
We went out a few times just to get away
To see if we could be meant to be

The moment you tried kissing me i realized
You are not the one for me
When i did finally let you kiss me i told a lie
Just so you wouldn’t hate me

Sometimes we want things so bad
That we are blinded by our delusions
Now i’m not apologizing for making you sad
Even though i know deep down you’re still mad

Secretly i dont even mind losing you as a friend
Cause you talked about me behind my back
Now i’m losing most of your friends
Those i once called mine just only yesterday


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