Let Me Let You Hurt Me

You and I should probably never meet again
Should probably not even stay friends
As you have been suggesting many times
While kissing me and looking so lovingly into my eyes

I thought you were heaven sent from the start
When I was busy mending my broken heart
You saved me from myself and my bad dreams
You made me believe that someone like you would want to be with me

Now months later, here we are
I never should have asked, never should’ve gone this far
I never should have forced you into this
Now, all I can do is admit to myself that I miss you

I know you don’t give a damn, you made it clear to me
Neither should I, but I do.. and I hate myself that I didn’t see
That you are just like everyone of those guys
Should have seen pass those beautiful lies

A part of me is still waiting for you to come around
Telling me, confessing to me that you need me now
Then I could finally stand up to you and say no
But I will cave in again, just to let me let you hurt me again
But what do I know?


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