Old Habits Die Hard (Revisited)

“I’ll be dying soon”
You told me with your tired eyes
“…And you’re gonna be just fine”
You assured me with your trembling voice
And I just don’t know what to do
If I knew, you wouldn’t be here
Chained to this hospital bed
It’s sad that no one comes to see you
Not even me, I admit
At least not anymore
Cause you’ve been sick for so long
It’s becoming a habit now
And we all know old habits die hard
But they die, eventually
We’ve been waiting and waiting
I can only imagine
What you’re going through
But I don’t want to
I guess I’m selfish that way
Thinking as long as it’s not me
But one day
Tables might turn
It might be me chained to this bed
Day in, day out
Year in, year out
It’s going to become a habit
And you know what they say
About old habits dying hard
They die… eventually
Just like you did


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