This Love

You told me I was beautiful
As you kissed my lips and took me to your bed
We made love like we always do
But somehow it still didn’t make me love you

I forgot how it was to feel loved
To have someone in my life who wanted me
Who would have me just the way I am
But who am I? I ask myself over and over again

All these years of pain and regrets
Made me oh so cold inside
I feel nothing now
Though I want to, but I just don’t know how

He tries and tries
While I play the part
He falls deeply in love with me
Yet I’m not sure what to feel

Is this love
Or simply lust
Or just a favour of some sort
Cause he too been lonely for so long

Or maybe it’s real
He’s a good guy, the best I might ever meet
Time to move on and be loved
Like I deserve to be loved


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