Pancakes (revisited)

Have you ever had that moment…

You’re dying for some pancakes and so you decide to make them… so you take out all the stuff you need and realize… you don’t have milk. So you go to the supermarket to get it, and while you’re there you get strawberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert, cause, you know, why not? And then you also get tampons and deodorant, cause you’re all out… and what the hell, might as well get pasta for tomorrow’s dinner…

Then you come home and realize… where’s the milk?

I have the exact same thing with you. You see, I wanted to love you, but I wasn’t able to give you love. I started a relationship with you anyway and while I was at your place, I walked your dog with you and sat next to you on the couch and kissed you and had dinner with your family and laughed at your stupid jokes… and when the relationship was over, I realized I forgot to actually love you…

I’m just saying… you can’t make pancakes without milk… and you can’t truly love someone without love… That is why I don’t like pancakes… and I don’t drink milk…

(original text in Dutch by Kila & Babsie)


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