Dear little boy
Only five years old
He died alone
While his mother should’ve died
Now the world cries
He did something bad
To annoy his bitter mom
His stepfather agreed
He should be an example to the rest
So he got punished
Now he cries and cries
Till there was nothing left to cry
He called his grandmother
But she didn’t even bother
His brother wanted to help
But in that household
It’s every kid for himself
So he shivered
He cried
He was scared
He was cold
He was hungry
But most of all
He was thirsty
For love
For compassion
For the police to come
For a safe home
For his siblings to live in
But most of all
He was simply just thirsty
So he lied down to close his eyes for a minute
To catch a break from his cruel life
Only to close his eyes forever
Now the world finally knows
But it’s too damn late
So let him be that example
Keep your children safe!


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