Here we are, hand in hand
People are watching us
But I know they envy us
Cause they never got to experience
Our kinda love
Yet somehow I feel this is the beginning
Of a bitter end
As we walk together, side by side
I can feel you hesitating
I can see you looking at her
While you should be looking at me
But I ignore it, cause you promised me
You’d marry me
I never liked her though
She’s a little too pretty
And a little too nice
Perhaps a little too friendly with you
But she is your childhood friend
Who am I to tell you
Who to hang out with
But I don’t mind
Cause you’re all mine
Least I thought you were
You turn around to face me
Then finally our eyes meet
My heart skipped a beat
I’m still head over heels
In love with this man
But I learn the hard way
All good things come to an end
Then you sit me down and tell me
You’re in love with someone else


One thought on “Engaged

  1. Ouch.

    Great prose come from hurt. this piece feels almost numb. I liked it though, there is something about the rhythm of the words

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