Happy end

Have you met my lovely daughter yet
She’s so beautiful and gracious
Walking down the aisle in her white dress
It’s her wedding day

I can tell she is so happy
It’s the happiest day of her life
No matter how old she’ll be
She’ll always be my little girl

We were never that close, though
She left home quite young
And I was just a low life drunk
I never cared for anyone but me

One day she found me hospitalized
Doctors told me I would die
She held my hand and told me she forgave me
I didn’t want to leave her again, but that’s life

Now from up above I watch her get married
To man she loves, but doesn’t love her back
What am I to do but to watch these lies as they roll by
One by one.. while she’s in denial..

I guess I should’ve loved her more
I should’ve been around more
To protect her from this man
To make sure she’ll get her happy end…


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