That Man

That man had a pair of steady hands
Those that could do magic like no one can
If you know what I mean
That man was almost twice my age
But I never did mind cause he had his ways
Ways to make me feel happy, ways to make me feel safe
That man had fine hair he never really cared for
So he would never dye his hair
Why would he, cause he looked good in many shades of black
His carelessness was what I fell for
And he fell for my sweet smile
I felt his heart beat right next to mine
While I slowly let him break my heart
Stupid me but how I loved that man
All the while he wanted a trophy wife
So I told myself I could be just that
I sold my soul so I could be with that man
Who wanted me to be nothing like me
Day by day my heart was slowly breaking
While I was dying little by little inside
So I would make up lies
To easy my pain
To make right all the wrongs he had done
That man was the man of my dreams
But maybe it was time for me to wake up
So I woke up from that dream and I left that man


2 thoughts on “That Man

  1. Very intense poem, which talks of something all of us go through at some time or the other. We always strive so hard to be accepted, when we should never be expected to change in the first place. I really like the ending, very positive! Great work!

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