Like in a Fairytale

As she stands there in the dark
Waiting for the knight, her Mr. Right
Who’d fight his way to her heart
She wonders if she’s truly worth the fight

All her life she was told many things
But no one ever told her how pretty she truly was
Now she just sits here waiting on her throne for her king to come
To rule her world, to take charge, to take down the stars

As the years pass her by one by one by one
She asks herself, maybe he can’t find his way in this awful place
Or maybe I was not made for that special someone
Maybe I was destined to die alone one day

And now an old lady sitting by the window
Thinking back at her youthful days
She did remember that special someone long ago
That brought her light in the dark one day

But she was so focussed on Mr. Right
That she didn’t notice the love of her life standing right beside her
She was so focussed on the guy she had never met
Who she will never get to meet, cause he doesn’t exist

Now an old lady dying alone in her self made bed
She still have some regrets left
Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but alas,
You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone


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