Tough Love

You said you couldn’t live without me
But now that I’m gone, you’re still here
You’re still breathing the same air as me
Now tell me, how could that be?

If love were meant to be red and all that
Then I guess it was love
With me covered in blood
Covering the black and the blue

You said you couldn’t live without me
But I guess that was one of your lies
Cause with a knife in my face
You threatened to kill me

Yet we kiss, we make up, you say you love me
That you didn’t mean to be that way
That you didn’t know how to love me
And so you choose to fight and beat the crap out of me

I should have known when I lied for you
When the police came around asking questions
When everyone was telling me I should leave you
But who were they to tell me what to do?

So I lied to save your ass
While others tried to save mine
I didn’t know why I became that way
All I know now is that I’m glad you’re in jail


3 thoughts on “Tough Love

    • thank you. and welcome to my poetry blog. though i don’t know you, i hope my poetry reaches people, touches them, and makes people think about their own lives. most of the poems are autobiographical. i write them from my own perspective, mostly.

      this poem was inspired by a song i had heard. luckily i was never in an abusive relationship. though i can never imagine what it would be like, i still hope i have captured some essence of it. i hope people will read it. be touched by it. think about it. think that they’re not the only one. cause unfortunately they’re not.

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