I was a hero
I was your hero
No one told me though
Of my tainted soul

I was everybody’s hero
But who was mine, nobody seemed to know
Nobody could warn me though
That I would die alone

People told me I should be so happy
I had my two children, my wife, my family
I knew I had it all and yet I had nothing
Just a deep longing for that special something

I thought maybe I could be my own hero
Instead I knew my destiny was to go
To leave this life, my home
My destiny was to die alone

And alone I was with my thoughts
Praying, begging my own God
To give me back peace
To bring me back a piece of me

I’m sorry I couldn’t be anyone’s hero
I am most sorry that I couldn’t be your hero
Deep down you knew I had to go out on my own
I had to leave this place we call our home

Let me be my own hero
Let me prove I can be a hero
Maybe one day I can be a hero
Your hero


2 thoughts on “Hero

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