Maybe Tomorrow

No one said growing up would be easy
No one said life would be all fun and games
Someone shoulda told you your parents love you unconditionally
That no matter what they say or do, they mean no harm
Yet you fight them like your worst enemies
So only fourteen years old with nowhere to go
You go straight to the loving arms
Of a twenty-one year old
Cause he can do you no harm
Or that’s what you thought
Now you can’t leave him anymore
Cause you think he can’t live without you
But he certainly can, cause he had threatened to kill you
So you do what he wants you to
Praying your parents will find you
Save you from the mess you’ve made
Take you away from the mess you’re in
Maybe tomorrow you’ll be home, just not today
Cause you secretly hope he’ll change
You hope he’ll be the man you met
A long long time ago


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