You turn to me with weary eyes
A blank stare it almost seems
You had lived a long difficult life
A life in which you didn’t feel free
A life without the fame and fortune
A life without the prosperities you had longed for
A life full of regrets and looking back
Then you whisper softly to me
“If only life were that simple,
“If life had treated me better,
I would have enjoyed it much more”
“But isn’t life as simple as we make it to be?”
I ask myself secretly
I can tell you find it difficult to realize
Not having the perfect life
Not being the perfect housewife
Not baring a single child
You die alone in a cold unmade bed
Alone in a foreign country
Without a family
Without any good old memories
Without a home
Or even a house
Life could have been simple
If only you had made it simple


3 thoughts on “Simple

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