Dear Boy From the Past

Dear guy from the past
I wish you all the best
I wish you all the things we never had
The things I wish we could have had

We started with a flirtatious smile
We ended with an awkward goodbye
Now I look at you
Wondering how you do

But you never look back
You never talk back
I walked pass you the other day
You just never looked my way

Dear boy from the past
Do you ever look back
Wondering how I am
Asking how I am

We started way before we did
Way before that passionate kiss
Way before I knew your name
We started when our eyes met that sunny day

Dear blur from the past
I almost forgot what we had
But we never had anything at all
With my back against the wall

I let things slide
Like you had let me slide
I’ll have my memories
While you’ll have the rest of me


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