Seven Years

Seven years it took me to forget you
But you just had to come back
You just had to ruin my life didn’t you
But I’m sorry we can’t go back

Seven years it took me
To realize we could’ve been together
If only I hadn’t been so blind to see
Instead now we’re both avoiding each other

Seven long years have passed
To finally see your beautiful face
I wish I could’ve gone back
Back to those innocent days

Seven years later fate’s still playing games
History is repeating itself
Now you’re about to get engaged
I can only blame myself

Seven years ago I could’ve loved you
But I just couldn’t say the words
But he seemed to
That changed my world

Seven long years I’ve been living with regrets
I’m sure things are now for the best
You’ve been giving him a second chance
I can live with that

Seven years later I can finally let you go
Because I’ve found comfort in the fact that we’ll be together in our next lifetime
I’ll promise you I will make you mine by letting you know with the right words
That I love you and that I only want you in my life

I’ll wait for you
For seven years
For seven lives
I love you


6 thoughts on “Seven Years

  1. Oh, I have my :Seven Years” guy…Mine was 19 years of back and forth…Now I am FINALLY able to let go and move on…That was one of the hardest things in life to do, but its for the best

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