You Left Me

Tuesday morning 8 a.m. waking up in bed
I can feel your hair tangled in mine
I want to reach your hands
While I slowly open up my sleepy eyes

The alarm clock goes off so suddenly
So I turn the other way
I feel you curling up against me
I like waking up this way everyday

You lying next to me
The rays of the sun on my face
Maybe it’s time to get up and get some coffee
Feel like I can take on the world today

But just one more minute in bed
With you by my side
Forgetting whatever upsetting things we’ve said
Forgiving each other for all the whatnots last night

You press your wet lips on my cheeks
Then you suddenly lick my nose
I smile, cause that’s kinda sweet
You mean well, I know

I open up my eyes and realize
It’s not you I’m wakening up to
It’s just my cat, which I admit is nothing like you
I sigh and then I see a note for me to find

You left me for real this time.


4 thoughts on “You Left Me

  1. Peter says:

    Damn, it’s just the cat
    Wet nose rather than your lips
    Gone for good, I guess

    Badger themed variant:

    Damn, it’s a badger
    Wet nose rather than your lips
    Gone for good, I guess

  2. Hello Moondai,
    I got so caught up in the moments of this poem…I almost want to say, it’s going to be ok. And cats are great company too, even though it’s not the same waking up to just kitty nex to you. lol. Well written honey. Keep em coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

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