The Shape of Things

I will
Give it up
I’ll give it all up
Just to get you back
But things aren’t easy as that
Because you can’t bring back the dead
You can’t wish back what you used to have
Now just
Turn it back
Turn back the time
Now take back all the lies
Take it all back including the fights
Memories of us should not be tainted
They should not be covered with regrets
Talk to me
Reach out to me
We’re not done yet
I can still feel your hand
Upon my shoulder, upon my head
Telling me what a good girl I have been
Tell me
Tell me now
Tell me everything
Tell me you’re proud of me
Tell me that you have forgiven me
Tell me that I will be fine without you
Just tell me that everything will be just fine


3 thoughts on “The Shape of Things

  1. Poet Traveler says:

    this is very very moving and deeply touching and beautiful.
    thank you for sharing this lovely sad poem.
    blessings be upon you.
    i will follow your wonderful blog and now I have added
    you to my blogroll.
    i invite you now to come and look at my poetry.
    Poet Traveler

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