I used to have a sister
My dearest darling sister
She knew it all, she gave me advice
Not to mention honey covered lies
But that’s okay, because I was blinded by love
Addicted to the sisterly love
I never realized you were controlling me
Telling me and using me
I thought you were sincere
I thought you’d always be here
I guess everyone else was right
I can forgive all, but just not that lie
You convinced me they were out to get you
They were all trying to hurt you
I have asked you over and over again
About what’s going on with that friend
A friend I wasn’t supposed to talk to
A friend you said was hurting you
That I should stay away from him
That I shouldn’t be friends with him
So I stayed away even though he didn’t seem so bad
But if he’s making you sad
I guess he must be a bad guy
But there went another lie
He came clean on a rainy October day
He told me what you didn’t want him to say
I lost all respect for you
I’ve lost many friends because of you
Because you made me choose sides
Made me believe in your lies
I know I was the one who said
Family are the ones you choose, but I’m taking it back
A true sister won’t lie
She won’t cheat and cry
Just to get her way
Just to get me to stay
For three long years
I have deeply cared
Because that’s what family does
And family I was
But not anymore
Not anymore


5 thoughts on “Family

  1. It is always very freeing to let go of a relationship that is bringing us down. We can still love in our hearts but know to protect ourselves by letting go.

    Beautifully put, Moon!!


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