Help A Brother Out

“Ma’am, can you please help a brother out
I’ve been kicked out of my house
Need some money to keep me warm
Keep me safe from the storm”

It’s sad how society has become these days
All you do is long for yesterday
Coming home to a good proper meal
And to your loving family

So yes, I’ll go help a brother out
Cause he’s been kicked out of his house
He needs a little money to get through the night
Tomorrow he’ll make a fresh start into his new life

“Ma’am”, he asks me the next day
“Will you help a brother out today
I need some money to keep me out of this cold
And I’ve been so sick, and I’m too old”

I think I’ve seen you before
But who am I to ignore the poor?
I’ll help a brother out, like you would too
So here is some money for you

“Ma’am”, he asks me again later in the week
“Will you help a brother like me
I’m on my own, and need a shelter for the night
Can’t you help me, can’t you just try?”

Didn’t you ask me this before now
Weren’t you the one who lost his house
I don’t mind helping a brother out
Cause that’s what society should be about

But then I see you down the street
Drinking some booze you bought with my hard earnt money
I thought I was helping a brother out
I thought I was helping you turn your life around

“Ma’am”, he asks again
“Can you give me a helping hand
Can you help a brother out, please
I’ve been kicked out of the house and I got no family”

“Sorry, no can’t do my brother
You’re gonna have to ask another”
I mean, who am I to feed your addiction?
Who the hell am I to support this situation?

I walk away and then he yells at me
His true colors come out and he screams at me
That I’m a heartless girl who’s too selfish to help a brother out
How he wishes my house would burn down

“Sir”, I said with a firm voice
“In life, there is always a choice
Maybe you should try to get your life together now
Maybe then I will help a brother out”


5 thoughts on “Help A Brother Out

    • Yeah. Helping people however i can. But sometimes I gotta be realistic.. those people don’t wanna be helped.. or they just need a huge wake up call!!

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