The Mistress In Me

I’m standing here at this crossroad
I’m not sure where to go
I used to just call you
And you’d answer your phone
You’d talk to me
You’d listen to me
Then I’d laugh at my insecurities
Then we’d both laugh some more about men
Handsome men and their stupidities
How we’d take love so seriously
It all changed when you betrayed me
All for one man, a boy with no empathy
A child perfect for you it seems
A dishonest relationship it appears to be
You had to lie and cheat
So that he wouldn’t notice me
That he’d only have eyes for you
That he’d only love you
And never not me
Do you really think that ill of me
I guess you do because of jealousy
Not to mention your own misery
I’ve tried hard to ignore it
I’ve done my best to forget it
But now you’ve unleased this fire
It’s a game I like to play at times
The mistress in me is calling me
And so is your lovely man


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