Bottle of Tequila

A bottle of tequila
To drown away the misery
Another whiskey on the rocks
To make me sleep better at night
Another stranger by my side
If I can’t have you
The next best thing will do
The day after always hurts the most
The memories come back
One by one
Wish I could leave it at that
But too bad
You’re messing with my head
Still sleeping in my bed somehow
But it’s not you
Not you at all
Just another reflection
Ghost from the past
So I’ll open up another bottle
This calls for a celebration
Thank you for sticking around
Like you promised you would
Guess this is forever after
You and me
Right here in my memories


One thought on “Bottle of Tequila

  1. D ~ says:

    Please pardon my intrusion, I just wanted to convey my admiration for your poetry. I think it is the pensive mood of your work that holds the most attraction for me.

    Kindest Wishes,

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