All For A Guy

When you look in the mirror
Tell me what you really see
A lover, a friend, or a liar
And would you blame it on me

When you go see him
Tell me what goes through your mind
Do you think, this is it
I will finally say goodbye

When he tells you he’ll change
Will you then realize
All the mistakes you’ve made
All the friends you’ve put aside

When you tell me another convincing lie
Will you see the hurt you might cause me
Or will you justify it, cause you truly love this guy
Maybe that’s why you never convided in me

When I tell you I’ve lost in a friend in you
Will you see all the stupid things you’ve done
All the lies you have put me through
Has left you with no one

When I ignore you and your cries
Who will you turn to then
Who will believe your lies
Who will hold your hands


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