What Is Love

Love never dies or gets forgotten
If it does, then it wasn’t really love
But then why does it hurt so much
Maybe I just love the pain and suffering
So I know I’m alive deep inside
Aware of what love can be
Everything so opposite of me

How Long Will I Love You

Six more months
Until you’re home again
Except your home
Isn’t mine anymore
I wonder if you’re still
The very same man
Who I fell in love with before
Maybe we’re just not meant to be
Just wasting time
Playing stupid games
Maybe I should wait and see
But how long should I still wait

Let Me

I don’t quite understand
Why I’m feeling the way I am
How I have come this far
So black and blue
Yet so much in love
With a man who could never be mine
Because his heart lies elsewhere
Somewhere but here with me
Even the best memories we’d have
Won’t make him stay
It’ll only make him realize
His plans shouldn’t include me
Yet I stay and I pray
That one day he will see
That he can fully open up to me
That I could be his future
If he’d just let me


With the taste of tequila shots
Still lingering in the back of our throats
You were worried
Your friends might see us
But that didn’t stop you
From kissing me
We were tucked away behind the stage
Behind that mediocre DJ of the night
What a romantic place you picked out
To confess your love to me
While you still had your wedding band
Yet I kissed you back
Gave you my all
I was fragile but I didn’t know it back then
You used me but I let it happen
The truth is
I would relive it again

November Thoughts

It was November
Yes, I still remember
We were at that bar
Where no one sober
Likes to go to
But always seems to
End up there anyway
With the taste of tequila shots
Still lingering around
In the back of our throats
We fell in love for a brief moment
What felt like a lifetime

Happy Ending

I still look for you
In crowded places
Hoping to see you
Among the strange faces
Hoping I’d turn around
Just to find you
Staring back at me
But that can only happen in movies
With unrealistic standards
Of love and happy endings