You tell me
You can handle me
That you’re serious
Yet funny and ambitious
You make me believe
You could love me
If only you knew
What love is truly
You say to me
You think of me
But also miss her
Who are you fooling really
I’ll pretend it is me
To make things easier for you
Maybe this way
I won’t have to fight
For something I cannot win


Leave Right Now

I think you’re becoming more
Way more than I thought you would
More than I would like to admit
Way more than you probably should
As I walk along the lake
With the sun in my face
Wind through my hair
Children playing in the grass
Dogs running wild and free
I keep wondering over and over
Why aren’t you here with me
To experience it all
But I know
This feeling won’t last
One day you will go
My heart will leave with it
Just take it all right now
So I won’t be in this too deep
When you leave
I won’t feel a thing

Love Yourself

You’re good at telling stories
Of you living the dream of a self made man
And then you met me
Just another girl
Looking for love
The love she never experienced
The kind of love she’s only ever seen
In chick flicks and Disney movies
A girl with a big heart
Who only sees the good in men
This time I won’t be played
This man is so different from them
This man, he’s the man of my dreams
That’s what she would tell all of her friends
Despite of all the warning signs
All the lies, all her cries
She knows, but she pretends
She sees everything, but she denies
Bright red flags right in her face
But she is colourblind
Her mind just spinning lies
Life is so black and white
He loves her, he loves her not
What about he likes her
Just her body, and not her mind
He uses her, then leaves her
She cries, then blames herself
Then drunk messages him
He replies
She thinks he must be into me
All the while he is with someone else
Then she finds out, still blaming herself
This was all her fault
Should have loved him more
But honey
You should love yourself first
Because you’re worth to be loved


A broken heart
A broken home
And a broken jaw
There’s a theme
She seems to be in
She never asked
For any of this
Yet she’s stuck
In this cycle
There’s always
A reason to stay
Even more reasons
To leave this place
But the heart wants
What the heart
Does not need
But he definitely
Needs her
So she decides
To give in
One last time
Like before
And the time
Before that
Until that broken jaw
Becomes a broken neck

Fool Me Once

This is the end
Of the road
The final page
Of a story
That was never meant
To be told
Nor written
In any shape
Or form
Yet here we are
Here I am
Fool me once
Shame on me
Fool me twice
I’m just asking for it
Aren’t I?
How can I
Ever fall for this
How can you
Leave me like this
Yet I am hopeful
Stupid and blind
At the very same time
Is it too late
To delete the last page
Can I still go
Take another road
But what would happen
If you’d fool me
Once again